Recycled Ribbon Craft Packs

Bags & Bags of Low Cost Recycled Ribbon!!! Ideal for Schools, Crafters, Toddler Groups and Sewing Clubs!!!

Here at Simply Ribbons we have an incredibly vast selection of UK manufactured dye house waste ribbon. With a huge variety of colours, fabrics, widths and designs, all of which are sorted, collated and offered for sale at very low prices.

“Waste Ribbon” is an unfortunate title for this product, as the ribbon itself is of a high quality. It is very rare that one would detect any visible flaw in this product and what mainly sets it aside from our general stock, is that it is not available on a reel. This comes from a mix of end of line ribbons and fabrics that have not been dyed to the exact shade, we collect these together and sell this ribbon loosely, by weight and at a massively discounted price! Thus saving this waste ribbon from ending up in landfill.

Our “Craft Ribbon Bundle Bags,” are very versatile and perfect for craft projects, it is for this reason that we recommend this buying option to schools, toddler groups, craft and sewing clubs. They are also popular for home crafter’s as the packs offer a wide variety of colours, widths and materials for less than the price of one reel of cheap Far Eastern Satin Ribbon.

We have seen these ribbons used for a great array of projects with everything from art installations, to wedding ribbon chandeliers, ribbon card weaving to bottle and jar decoration and ribbon paper chains to garland and wreath making. As you can tell the uses are almost endless and we are always entrigued and delighted to see customers photos of the creations that they have made with these ribbon packs.

Ribbon Wedding Wreath

(Wedding Wreath Made From Recycled Ribbon)

Since much of these ribbons would have normally ended up in commercial landfill we like to think that we have helped in a small way by repurposing and recycling these products. The creation of these bags which we collate ourselves in our warehouse are just one of the many recycling ideas that have been created over recent years by our dedicated and conscientious staff.

Dye House Waste Ribbon   Dye House Waste Ribbon

(Waste Ribbon Waiting To Be Recycled)

We currently sell both 250g and 500g bags of various mixed colour ribbons, as well as the newly introduced option enabling you to select a specific colour theme of mixed ribbons that are available in a 250g bag. These “Craft Ribbon Bundles” are available to order directly on our online shop, at, starting at only £3.95 a bag! If you have any queries or special requests that you would like to discuss with us, please call us directly on 01691 780416, as we’d be happy to assist. Alternatively click on the LINK HERE