Tartan Woven Ribbon

Tartan Woven Ribbon

Tartan Ribbon By Berisfords Ribbons - Approved By The Scottish Tartan Authority

Here in this section of the site, we have listed all our Berisfords Tartan Ribbons, these ribbons are all woven rather than printed and are fully licensed and approved by the Scottish Tartan Authority who regulate the official use and reproduction of tartan products.

Berisfords Tartan Ribbons are the only fully approved weavers of main stream tartan designs that we work with in the UK. You will see reference to Tartan style or tartan look ribbons else where on the site, please do not get them confused with the ribbons listed in this section which are fully licensed woven tartans and as a result are more expense then others you might see due to the time involved in setting up the looms for the weave etc.

If you would like to read more about tartan ribbons, then please feel free to visit our blog article by Clicking Here

If you have any trouble finding the ribbon that your looking for here then please feel free to contact us at any time on 01691 780416.

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