Velvet Bulk Reels By Berisfords Ribbons

Velvet Bulk Reels By Berisfords Ribbons

Over the years we have looked at a large number of Velvet ribbon ranges, but just love this range by Berisfords Ribbons parant company Kuny. Made in Switzerland to a very high standard, these ribbons have great clarity of colour, handle exceptionally well and come in these large industrial reel sizes.

We have listed below all of our velvet ribbons which are available on bulk reels, the reel sizes available are as follows: 

9mm x 150m - 16mm x 100m - 22mm x 75m - 36mm x 50m & 50mm x 50m. This velvet ribbon is made from 100% polyamide and can be machine washed, it can also be ironed and dry cleaned. If you have any trouble finding the products that you are looking for or have any questions then please feel free to contact us at any time on 01691 780416.

If you are looking for the same great velvet ribbon but on a smaller reel, then we do carry the complete range of all colours and widths on 5m reels as well Click-Here

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