Easter Decorations & Ribbons

With a later Easter this year it really will be time to start welcoming in the approaching spring with some warmer bright huegs and some Csndy Pastels.

With each year that passes the demand for Easter Ribbons seems to grow. It be a little harsh to say it but it was not that long ago when this season was not one that was celebrated to the same extent as it is now in terms of deocorations and embellishments. However with the increasing trend in craft and Interior design we have seem some fatastic projects created utilising ribbons to there best.

Easter Ribbon Wreath

(Easter Wreath made from recycled ribbons and accented with Easter Ribbon)

In response to this a number of the ribbon maufacturers have brought out new ranges for this forcoming season which include some attractive and in some cases bold and vibrant designs.

We therefore wanted to spend a few minutes sharing with you all a few of the more popular ribbons ideas, project and crafts that we have come across over recent weels. Many of these wont brake the banks as they use a selection of recycled ribbons as well.

As with the above image of the Easter Wreath this has been constructed on a budget by using a bag of recycled craft ribbons and then accenting the wreath at various points with a reel of Easter Ribbon in order to give it a more seasonal theme.

Jar with ribbon decoration

(Jar with Hessian Lace Deocrative Ribbon Decorating it.)

Are New Season Ribbons A Good Buy?

A good question and one that you would instantly expect us to say yes to. However the true answer to this is that it depends on what you need the ribbon for.

Whilst there are some stunning new designs thias Easter Season and these seem to get better and better, there are also a wide range of ribbon's in our clearance section left over from previous Easters which are well worth a look. 

Current / New ranges tend to sell at around £11 for a 20m reel, whilst the Easter Ribbons in our sale and clearance sections sell for between £1 and £4 depending on width and are still 20m on a reel in the main!

These. sections also tend to include a European element which means that the ribbons tend to be printed from brighter colour pallets and in a lot of cases will benefit from having a wired edge. Making them ideal for decorative work as they hold there shape when bowed or tied exceptionaly well.

Below are a few images of the ribbons currently in our sale section that we like and apeal to us personally.

chocolat easter ribbon

 (One of the Chocolate themed ribbons in the sale section )