1. Garland Making Instructions

    Garland Making Instructions

    Page Under Construction

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  2. The Creation Of Berisfords Coronation Ribbon

    The Creation Of Berisfords Coronation Ribbon

    Coronation Ribbon - How Is It Made

    With the King's Coronation later this year ( May) there has been a lot of focus on products and designs to help

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  3. The Uk's Leading Manufacturer Of Ribbons - Berisfords Ribbons

    Berisfords Main Weaving Hall Congelton

    Berisfords Ribbons Congleton its history & products 

    Berisfords Ribbons of Congleton is one of the world's leading

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  4. The History & Use Of Tartan Ribbon

    The History, uses and how tartan ribbons are made

    Tartan is a pattern consisting of criss-crossed horizontal and vertical bands in multiple colours.

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  5. What Are Sheer Ribbons

    Sheer Ribbons

    What are Sheer Ribbons and how are they made

    If you're not familiar with sheer ribbons, you might be wondering what they are and how they're

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  6. History Of Satin Ribbon

     Satin Ribbons

    What Are Satin Ribbons, Their History, Purpose & Manufacture

    Satin is a fabric that is lustrous on one side and

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  7. Postal Information

    postal Strike

    Posting During The Industrial Action

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  8. History Of Christmas Ribbons

    Christmas Ribbons

    History of Christmas Ribbons

    We are all familiar of the image of the traditional Christmas tree decorated and adorned with bright and colourful

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