100mm Wide Satin Ribbons

100mm Wide Satin Ribbons

Extra Wide Satin Ribbon | Sash Ribbon

Here we have featured all our extra wide satin ribbon, the ribbons listed here are all 100mm, 10cm wide and come with 50m on a reel as standard. These wider satin ribbons are very popular for printing and making sash with as well as venue decoration and foil printing to mention but a few of the more popular uses for this product.

This ribbon is a nice quality single faced satin ribbon with a woven edge rather then a cut edge. The colours have a good clarity to them and the satin ribbon is not to heavy in weight which means that it's slightly easier to work with. The term single satin refers to the fact that one side of the ribbon is smooth and finished with a gloss look whilst the revers has a very slight texture to the look of the ribbon, which in fact aids the tighing of this as it helps prevent it slipping.

Some of the colours in the range can be supplied in longer 100m reels if required, this option is listed at the bottom of this section.

We are constantly reviewing the colour range or this wide satin ribbon and expanding it, as a result its worth book marking this page if this is a ribbon style that you use frequently.

If you have any problems or need any further information then please feel free to contact us at any time on 01691 780416. 

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