Satin Edged Sheer Ribbons

Satin Edged Sheer Ribbons

This section houses our sheer ribbon range with woven satin edges. We carry two ranges of sheer ribbons with woven satin edges. The first is a budget range which comes from China. This has a nice look to the ribbon and is ideal for packaging work etc and comes in a big colour range.

The second is Berisfords Ribbons high quality sheer ribbon with woven satin edge. This is a superior ribbon and is made in the UK. It can be machine washed and comes with full care instructions making it ideal for sewing and garment work. It also has a very soft handle to it and a lovely clarity of colour. Like all Berisfords Ribbons this product is tested in their M&S accredited lab to a high specification to insure constancy. 

As mentioned the Berisfords Ribbon is a high quality product with a soft handle to it and comes in a nice range of colours including the more popular wedding shades. This wedding ribbon is widely used for invitation work as well as table decoration and comes in a choice of two popular widths, these being 15mm and 25mm both of which come on 20m reels. However the trade off is that it does have a higher price point.

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