Berisfords Double Satin Ribbons Art 3501 - 100% Recycled

Berisfords Double Satin Ribbons Art 3501 - 100% Recycled

Berisfords Double Satin Ribbon Article 3501 - Premium Range

UPDATE- We are very pleased to announce that our premium double satin ribbon range from Berisfords Ribbons is now being manufactured as standard from 100% recycled polyester. Not only is the ribbon now made from 100% recycled yarn but the reels are also made from 100% post consumer plastic!

This has taken a while for Berisfords to research and to develop in to the high quality product now available, and the quality, handle and apperance of the ribbons remain the same as always and are made to the highest standard with constant batch testing in Berisfords  M&S accreditied testing laboritory in Congleton here in the UK.

This is an exciting move forward to creating an entire product range that will be enviomentally sustainable. For more information on this and the process and manufacture please visit out blog.

Why Our Double Satin Range Of Choice

With over 80 shades of Double Satin Ribbons in this range by Berisfords and available in 8 different widths, this is a high quality, UK manufactured double satin ribbon that it durable, washable and has continuity of colour and is continually tested in Berisfords own Marks & Spencer Accredited Testing Lab to insure the highest production standards are maintained. As a result it is our Double Satin Ribbon of choice.

Below we have laid out this Berisfords Double Satin Ribbon by colour, simply select the shade you are interested in and all the widths available will appear on the product once you have clicked on it. These include the following widths of double satin ribbon. 3mm, 5mm, 7mm, 10mm, 15mm, 25mm, 35mm, 50mm & 70mm.

All the reels come with 20m on them as standard and 30m on the 3mm. However certain shades are also available on a larger bulk reel which holds 100m in the case of the 3mm,5mm & 7mm and all other widths coming with 50m. If the shade is available in a bulk option then this will also be shown on the listing under the standard widths.

If you have any trouble finding the colour or width that you are looking for then please feel free to call us at any time on 01691 780416 and we will be only too pleased to help.

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