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Why Are There So Many Different Names For Satin Ribbon Are They All The Same?

This is a statement that we hear on a frequent basis, the simple answer id no there not all the same, but the differences can be subtle on some ribbon ranges and hardly noticeable. 

We have tried to explain the main ribbon groups as we seem them and their differences and uses.

We are often asked by customers for help and assistance in explaining the different types of ribbon and what uses they are suitable for. Over the years we have seen a huge range of different uses and are never surprised by the application of our products.

With constant changing technologies there are more and more diverse products being produced on a regular basis, which gives the consumer a great but some times more bewildering choice.

We will look at the other groups of ribbons and there differences over the next few weeks but to get us started with we have explored one of the most widely used ribbon, this being the Satin Family of ribbons, if you need any information on any of these products then please feel free to contact us at any time and we will be only to happy to see if we can assist with further information at any time.

Below are some pictures that illustrate just a few of the different types of satin ribbon that are currently available on the market.

What Is Satin Ribbon?

In simple terms Satin ribbon is a ribbon that is woven with a smooth surface on one or both sides using of a yarn with a high lustre giving a silky shinny finish to the ribbon.

To achieve this at a reasonable price point and to add in the durability of the ribbon, these ribbons are constructed from man made fibres, in most cases Polyester is used as it has great handling, washing and reflective properties. The way the ribbon is woven and type of fibre used then gives this ribbon its quality grade.

The term Double Satin Ribbon is used for a satin ribbon that has a smooth lustre finish on both sides of the ribbon, hence the name ‘Double Faced’ as both faces are finished to a satin finish.

The ribbon is widely used in clothing manufacture, high end packaging, crafting and cake decorating – Where this product comes in to contact with a food surface then it can be treated with a Teflon application to make it food safe and to stop dyes migrating across from the ribbon to the food surfaces such as cake icing.

Since this ribbon is so popular it tends to be available in the widest range of colours, more so then many other types of ribbon product, many of the larger manufacturers will even make this product up to match specific Pantone numbers if the customer needs large volumes. These normally need to be in excess of 5,000 metres.

Today some of the highest quality Double Faced Satin Ribbons are manufactured in Switzerland, they tend to be a closely weaved product with a heavy weight polyester fibre making the product drape nicely and giving it a soft and very smooth finish.

As standard we offer two good quality ranges of Double Satin Ribbons our Premium range is made in the UK by Berisfords Ribbons and offers 83 shades in nine different widths, to view these use the link here. The other Double Satin range that we offer is made by Japanese company Shindo Ribbons and comes in a smaller range of 50 shades across six widths, again a link to this section can be found here. Click Here To Visit Our Double Satin Ribbons

Just Three Examples Of satin Ribbons That Are Crrently Available


Metallic Edged Double Satin Ribbon

This is a stunning ribbon style and one that is not offered by that may manufacturers these days. 

it comprises off a double satin ribbon, so a ribbon with smooth reflective surfaces on both sides, and is finished with a woven edging in a metallic looking thread. In the photo above this have been woven using a silver thread, however another very popular option is for this to be finished with a gold edging.

The image above is a 7mm width, however we tend to stock the full range of widths which start at 3mm and carries on through 7mm, 10mm, 15mm 25mm and finished on a 40mm width. You rarely see this style of ribbon on anything wider than 25mm.

It tends to be used widely for card / invitation making as well as high end packaging.

Whilst we have looked at this style of ribbon from a number of spinners, we have stuck with our range from Berisfords Ribbons as we feel that they have the blend of satin colours and texture of ribbon just right.

To view the current range simply click Here.

Laser & Die Cut Satin Ribbon

This style of ribbon is new to the market and offers something different, with some quite sunning effects sometimes being achieved.

We most commonly see this style of ribbon made out of Double Satin Ribbon that has been taken and then had the design applied to it.

The above image shows a Star design which has been laser cut from the ribbon. As the image shows this method can achieve some very delicate designs.

Three other popular designs that we have seen from various manufacturers over the last year has been laser cut hearts, die cut lattice work and die cut scolloped edged ribbon with small stars.

Wide Satin Ribbon

We have already explored the differences between Double Satin Ribbon and Single sided Satin Ribbon. One of the things that was not mentioned was that typically the Double Satin Ribbon Ranges do not go over a 48mm / 50mm width in a full range of colours.

We do for example stock Berisfords Double Satin Ribbon in a 70mm width however they have restricted the number of shades in this width is manufactured in down from 73 colours to around 20 colours.

Most satin ribbons over the 50mm width come in a single satin ribbon finish only. 

For people looking for a wide satin ribbon it is no possible to purchase single satin finished in a 100mm (10cm) width in a range of popular shades.

This ribbon is quite heavy so drapes nicely, it can also be printed on so makes it ideal for banner work as well.

Whilst technically not a ribbon it is possible to buy a very wide 29cm ( 290mm) width of single satin ideal for chair bows, table runners and venue decorations. 

All of these wider widths can be found by following the link here.CLICK HERE FOR 100mm RIBBONS For 29cm Wide Ribbon CLICK HERE