Ribbon Wreath Gallery & How To Make One

A number of our customers have asked if we could put together a gallery with images of wreath kits that we have made or that other customers have constructed in order to help give them inspiration. Or to shop a larger image of what the finished kit should look like.

With this in mind we have started to collate a gallery of Ribbon Wreath here. Below you will find a selection that we will be constantly adding to this year till be have a good cross section for you to look through.

We have also attached a short video at the bottom of the page which shows what you should have inside your ribbon wreath kit and how to make it. In this video we are making one of the Mother's Day kits. However the process remains the same regardless of which kit you decide to make.

If you have any questions then please feel free to contact us at any time.

How To Make Your Ribbon Wreath kit

A quick video showing you how to make one of our ribbon wreath kits.