Christmas Ribbon Trends

Christmas Season Is Almost Here So What's Hot In the Ribbon World?

As autumn desends on us and the nights start to draw in thoughts start to drift towards the forth coming Christmas Season...

Whether you Love it or Hate it, there is evidence all arounds us that the feastive period is approaching at speed. Here at Simply Ribbons we are far from amune to it as our warehouse starts to rapiedly fill with Christmas Ribbon stock from August onwards!

Our customers are wide and varried and we tend to get a sense early in the year as to what the ribbon trends are going to be for Christmas Ribbons.

This year is no exception and we have already noticed a number of patterns developing. So what looks likely to be popular this year in our view based on what we have experianced so far?

This Years Christmas Ribbon Colours

OK firstly lets take a look at the Christmas Ribbon Colours that are already starting to stand our from the rest as being worthy of note. 


Pinks & Silver -Whilst the traditional Red and Forest Green will always be a popular choice we have seen an emmergance of Pink & Silver colour combinations which looks striking together and give a subtle but effect appearance, the sparkle and coldness of the silver is lifted by the introduction of shades of pink which give a gentle warming tone. However the two combined do, suprisingly give a nice Christmas vibe. This is one well worth considering if you want to make a different statement.


Navy Blue - Popualr last year and back again this year in a number of designs where it has been combined with silver or gold on the same ribbon. Like the Pink and silver this colour combination does work well together. Not the same vibe as the pink and silver but a nice alternative if your trying to come away from reds and greens.

We have up loaded a couple of iamges of these colour combinations to try and give you an idea of the overall effect.


Coppers, Moss & Rusts - These are warm tones that we mainly associate with Autumn, however when used on certain ribbon fabrics, for example velvet they below warm christmas spice shades. The richness and push nature of the velvet pile enhances these shades greatly and gives then a wonderfull depth of colour that works suprisingly well on Christmas projects. We saw a rise in the uptake of these shades last year and from what we have seen so far this year, the pattern is looking to continue.


Ribbon Fabrics That Seem To Be In Vogue ...

Tartan - One that seems to ebb and flow is traditional woven tartan ribbon, this year this fabric seems to making a come back again with a look of our commercial customers choosing it for Christmas packaging and presentation work. Of course the tartan design you choose can heavily influence wether this look comes across with a Christmas feel to it, as a result we are seeing an abundance of people choosing the traditional Royal Stewart, Black Watch & Fraser designs. However one that we feel works exceptionally well and is beining to increase in popularity and appeal is Lindsay with its greens and deep reds and blues, these give this design very rich deep tones.