Berisfords Tartan Ribbon

Why Berisfords Tartan Ribbon?

Tartan is a timeless ribbon, it's always proved popular for a wide range of uses, events, and occasions.

If you do a quick google search for Tartan Ribbons, you will find a wide range of ribbons available from a hoist of manufacturers.

So why do we offer and recommend Berisfords Ribbons Tartan Ribbon over other makes? Well there are a number of factors that come together to help us make this choice.

Firstly Berisfords Tartan Ribbon range article 7622 is actually woven with coloured threads rather than printed. A lot of cheaper tartans are made by simply printing the design straight on to a plain white ribbon base. This might look effective at a quick glance but will not give a true representation of the tartan, and our understanding is that it can not actually be refered to as tartan as it is not a true woven design.

The below video shows Berisfords MacKenzie Tartan Ribbon Being woven for coloured threads.

Whilst printing is quick and cheap it is not ideal and can leave a white edging to the ribbon it will also not ware as well over time.

Another lesser known point is that the design of the various tartans are registered and licensed through the Scottish Tartan Authority. There is even an act of Parliament known at the Scottish Register Of Tartans Act 2008 that covers the registration of the tartan designs both old and new.

The act defines a tartan as being

" A tartan is a design which is capable of being woven consisting of two or more alternating coloured stripes which combine vertically and horizontally to form a repeated chequered pattern."

All of the 17 tartan designs that Berisfords weave are authorised and licensed through the Scottish Tartans Authority ensuring that the designs are woven to the exacting pattern and thread count of each registered tartan. As a result you can be assured that any of these tartans offered by Berisfords are woven to the correct pattern and to the highest standard.

Since these ribbons are used in a wide variety of applications, Berisfords have insured that the ribbon is available in a wide range of widths in order to suite as many uses as possible, these include the following:







As standard the ribbons that we over come on two different reel sizes, these are the standard 25m reel, which is our most popular length, as well as the 100m bulk reel which is used for a lot of commercial applications.

Another reason for favouring the Berisfords Tartan Ribbon is due to the fact that it is machine washable, it can also be ironed, dry cleaned and tumble dried, thus making this product extremely versatile.

if you are interested in viewing the Berisfords Taratn Ribbon range in detail then you can see the full range by CLICKING HERE

We have shown below images of our three best selling tartan ribbons, from left to right these are Royal Stewart - which is also the tartan used by Queen Elizabeth II and probably one of the best recongised tartan designs - Black watch, which is widely used across the military and Lindsay which this year we have found to be a popular choice for a lot of wedding work.

So What Is Dress tartan?

Where you see the term Dress Tartan for example Dress Stewart or Gorden Dress Tartan Ribbon, it refers to the tartan design with the primary background colour removed and replaced with white. This was a design used primarily by women and is commonly used on dresses in highland dancing. The only Dress tartan that we carry at the momment is dress stewart, on this version the red primary back ground colour has been replaced with white. It makes for a softer looking design which is extremely attractive and popular for a hoist of uses.

What Are The Tartan Ribbons Made From?

At the moment Berisfords Tartan ribbon is made from 100% polyester fibre, this has a wide range of benefits, however some might consider this to be uneviromentally friendly. As a result Berisfords have undertaken to change the raw yarns that they are using and will be changing over to a polyester yarn made from 100% recycled polyester. This recycled polyester is sourced by Shredding plastic bottles, melting down the polyester plastic and extruding it again in to fresh filaments that are then spun in to new yarns ready to weave.

We have already seen this change made on Berisfords Grosgrain and Satin Ribbon Ranges, we imagine that the Tartan range will follow shortly, however we will keep you informed as and when this change occurs.

Images Of Some Of The Most Popular Tartan Designs