This is a very distinctive style of ribbon and as a result can be very easily identified. The Grosgrain Ribbon to all intent and purpose looks like it has been ribbed. This effect runs along the whole length of the ribbon, this is made as a result of the weft being heavy then the warp when the ribbon is woven the net result is the formation of the cords along the ribbon. This style of ribbon is quite old, it use to be made from natural fibers and was only available in Black or White however today's Grosgrain Ribbon is manufactured using Polyester and comes in a rainbow of shades.

Using polyester means that the ribbon is extremely strong, not only is it durable but it can be washed, folded, stitched and heat sealed. As a result of this , the Grosgrain ribbon has become very popular. Today you will see this ribbon used on the hems of Polo shirts, sports clothing, furniture, quilts and many other garments as well as used for bow making, packaging, gift ware and promotional use.

Over recent years, Grosgrain ribbon has become more and more popular with the gift market and packaging market places, as the nature of the textured finish to the ribbon means that it will tie and bow very easily and does not slip, unlike Satin Ribbon bows which have a tendency to slip and flop a little more.

If budget will allow we will always recommend this type of ribbon to customers inquiry about a ribbon to tie around a product or promotional item. We have supplied it for customers using it to tie towel bundles, edge blazers, use for hat bands, tie around supermarket food items, perfume and gift boxes, general gift packaging. To name put a few uses which might help give you a feel for the versatility of this type of ribbon.

The polyester fiber means that this ribbon can be offered in a wide range of colours, these all have a slightly matt finish to them rather then the high shine finish of a Satin ribbon. This colour appearance in its self is just one of the many reason that many people choose this style of ribbon over other available.

Grosgrain ribbon can be seen on the market place in many variants, there are quite a few companies making this product to different standards, the main difference is in the thickness of the grosgrain. At simply ribbons we only stock two makes of this product these come from Berisfords ribbons and Shindo Ribbons. The Berisfords Grosgrain we feel is a good high quality grosgrain ribbon it handles well and offers a consistence of colour, it also benefits from being available as standard in a wide range of widths from 6mm through to 40mm. The alternative Grosgrain that we carry is Shindo Ribbons product. Like the Berisfords it is a nice quality ribbon with a slightly softer handle to it, it comes in a smaller colour range and not quite as many widths, however as this is manufactured over sea's it means that the price point is lower.

We along with many of other companies today also hold this product with a print effect on it. Grosgrain Ribbon looks very attractive when coupled with a polka dot print or a logo theme running along the length of the ribbon. As a direct result of this pleasing effect this style of printed ribbons have become very fashionable. To meet this demand Berisfords Ribbons have launched a completely new collection based on this look. They have called this Natural Charms. We have been impressed with this range and as a result have added it to our product offering.

Grosgrain is an extremely durable and flexible ribbon as a result it forms part of our core offering and is something that we always keep in stock ,If you need any further advise or help with regards to Grosgrain ribbons then please feel free to contact us at anytime. Call us on 01691 780416 or e mail: