Something that we get a lot of enquires for, and people seem surprised that we can supply are ribbons cut to specific length!

This is a service that we provide for a lot of our commercial Print Companies and Promotion Firms.

In basic terms we can cut any of the ribbons that we sell in to any length that the customer might require, subject to certain minimum order requirements. What's more we can finish the end of the ribbon with what ever style cut might be asked for, currently there are three different finishes that are commonly requested, these are:

1) A Straight Cut - As the name suggested this is a simple straight cut across the width of the ribbon, this can be supplied as a cold cut or a hot cut. The difference between the two is that the hot cut simply provides enough heat to the ribbon surface to seal the cut end of the ribbon off to prevent it from fraying especially if the length of ribbon is going to be used on a product that will be handled a lot. Otherwise if its just for decoration or presentation then a cold cut might well be more suitable.

Like wise if a narrow ribbon is being cut say a 3mm or 5mm width then this is much less prone to fraying and as a result a cold cut might be suitable for more applications.

2) A Mitre Cut - This is a forty five degree angled cut across the width of the ribbon.This gives a nice finish to the tails of the ribbon especially if it is being used to wrap or tie a product. it can create a great look that adds a touch of class, we find that this finish is requested quite a lot on Grosgrain ribbon lengths. Again this cut can be supplied in both a hot and a cold cut with the same benefits as mentioned above.

3) Fish Tail Cut - This is a finish that is not as popular as the previous two cuts, it is basically a " V " shaped cut in to the end of the ribbon, this is done as a hot cut. This type of finish tends to not have as many applications as the first two, as it tends to be a slightly more expensive finish then the previous cuts.

The most popular ribbon types that we asked to supply tend to be Satin Ribbon and Grosgrain Ribbon, a recent addition that seems to be becoming popular has been Gingham Ribbon in various finishes. Most of these can be supplied in very short lead times if required, otherwise the standard lead time tends to be around five working days.

The cut ribbon lengths can be as small of 5cm in length or as long as 10m, we have supplied both in the past and everything in between. If you have a need for a pre measured cut length of ribbon then we will try and provide you with the exact length you require.

We can cut as little as one reel if required however there is a minimum cutting charge, if you would like further details about this of about the cutting service then please feel free to contact us at anytime on 01691 780416 or e mail us at