Berisfords Enviromentially Friendly Double Satin Ribbon

Berisfords Leading Double Satin Range Art 3501 Makes A Major Change...

We are so pleased to be able to announce that leading UK ribbon manufacturer Berisfords Ribbons has made a major change to their Double Satin range for the better.

The whole range of nine ribbon widths and eighty shades has been swopped over from being spun on virgin polyester yarn to now being spun and woven in 100% Recycled polyester. 

A lot of work has also gone in to insuring that the ribbon still maintains the existing colour range and clarity of colour as well as the soft handle that this high quality double satin ribbon range has become known for.

We can confirm that the ribbon still carries the same care instructions on the labelling so it maintains its benefit of being machine washable being able to be ironed and dry cleaned.

One of the other massive changes that they have also been able to make to this double satin range to make it more environmentally friendly is to change the plastic reels .

Again instead of being made from virgin polymers these reels are now moulded from post consumer plastics that have been given a second life. Most will have started out as fridge plastic!!

The seal on the ribbons is now made from a degradable material, making this ribbon range extremely "Planet friendly" and hence still our Double Satin Ribbon of first choice.

This range is in stock in our warehouse and we are offering this at the same great price as before, so you will be pleased to hear no premium charge for an environmentally friendly option, which makes a refreshing change!

If you would like any further information with regards this double satin ribbon then please feel free to contact us at any time on 0161 780416 or e mail