Save the Date Satin Floral Ribbon By Berisfords Ribbons

This is a 25mm wide Satin Ribbon by Berisfords Ribbons.

Each reel comes with 20m of white satin ribbon and has the wording "Save the Date", surrounded by a pink, blue and green floral design, running along the length of the ribbon.

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25mm Save the Date Floral Satin Ribbon

Berisfords Art 80395 in a 25mm width x 20m

This is a high quality satin ribbon manufactured by the UK company Berisfords Ribbons. 

This is a white ribbon that is 25mm wide and has the wording "Save the Date"  written in Blue, surrounded by a pink, green and blue floral design.   This attractive ribbon would be ideal for use as an additional decoration to any party invitation or event.  There is 20 metres of ribbon provided on each reel.

This Satin Ribbon can be machine washed at 40 degrees, dry cleaned and ironed. However we always recommend that you consult the care instructions on the label first.


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