Rainbow Themed Circular Ribbon Wreath - Kit

This kit holds everything that you need to make this lovely Rainbow Themed ribbon wreath including full instructions, Copper shaped frame and ribbons. This is a great buy at only £18.50.
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Rainbow Themed Ribbon Wreath Decoration Kit

With the popularity of our other ribbon kits we have decided to launch a Rainbow Themed circular wreath. Which was inspired by Julie's trip to John Lewis and their rainbow themed Christmas Tree. We love the alternative look of this wreath which would brighten up anyones home. 

This pack holds everything that you need to complete this project including copper shaped hoop, assorted ribbons, hanging ribbon and full instructions. If you want to take this a little further you could even add a hanging embellishment to the middle of the wreath.

If you have any questions with regards this item then please feel free to contact us at any time on 01691 780416.

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