Floral Print Ribbon With Rustic Taffeta Base 25mm x 20m

Floral Print Ribbon - Exclusive To Simply Ribbons

Floral Print Ribbon - We love this exclusive floral print ribbon which is made for us in the UK. Woven in a 25mm width this ribbon comes with 20m of ribbon on each reel as standard.

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Exclusive Floral Print

We have commissioned this attractive exclusive floral print ribbon from Berisfords Ribbons . This has just arrived in our warehouse and I must say that it is a favourite with the staff here.

The ribbon is woven in a 25mm width and features this stunning floral print which runs then length of one side of this ribbon. This ribbon also has the added benefit of being machine washable, although we always stress the you should consult the washing instructions on the label first. It ties extremely well as the base is a rustic taffeta style ribbon which means that this ribbon is ideal for a wide range of uses and projects.

If you have any questions with regards this ribbon or any other then please feel free to contact us at any time on 01691 780416.

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