Cutscene Wooden Tray With 24 x 13m Spools Of Twine

Close Up Of 24 spools of Jute Twine

This is a great product from Nutscene, this wooden seed tray style box is made in the UK from FSC wood and comes packed with 24 assorted spools of Jute Twine in a range of shades. Each spool is approximately 13m long with the twine being around 2mm thick.

Being Jute this twine is biodegradable making it ideal for craft and gardening uses. The presentation of this is stunning and lends itself for an ideal gift for someone.

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A Stunn ing Case Of Natural Jute Twines From Nutscene

A stunning wooden box from Nutscene holding 25 spools of jute twine in assorted shades, makes an ideal gift or on the other hand why not just spoil yourself!


Each small wooden seed tray is made in the UK  from FSC wood and containa 24s mini spools from an array of colours  from the Nutscene Heritage Twine range.

The Nutscene Heritage Twine Mini Spools are around 2mm thickness and 13 m in length.  


These jute twines are ideal for crafting or gardening and with such a wide range of different shades should greatly enhance any project.


The Spools of Nutscene Heritage Twines are produced in Nutscenes  factory in Angus, Scotland on the original machinery, circa 1922 which gives then that traditional look and feel.


PLEASE NOTE:  - As this is a natural product  the colours will fade when in direct sunlight.

The tray measures  23cm (L) x 14.5cm (W) x 6cm (H)





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