40mm x 20m Wired Taffeta Ribbon In Red

40mm x 20m Red wired edged taffeta ribbon - now on spacial offer at only £2.00 per 20m reel.
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red 40mm wired taffeta ribbon

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40mm x 20m Red Wired Edged Taffeta Ribbon 

This is an attractive ribbon from Kuny Ribbons Switzerland and is a nice quality, this light weight taffeta ribbon comes woven in a 40mm width with a generous 20m of ribbon on each reel. The ribbon benefits from having a lightly wired woven edge which means that it can be tied and bowed well and will hold its shape. We have limited stock of this ribbon which we are clearing as a result at only £2.00 per reel. Once this has been sold we will not be able to offer this again at this price.

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