40mm Multi Coloured Striped Ribbon With Wired Edged - Pinks & Purples

40mm x 20m This wired edged taffeta ribbon is made in Switzerland by Kuny and features an attractive stripe / bands of pinks & purples which run along the length of one side of this ribbon. We have limited stock of this ribbon and as a result are clearing this for only £3.50 per reel.
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40mm striped ribbon in pinks and purples

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We love this new clearance ribbon from Swiss manufacturer Kuny, this wired edged taffeta ribbon is woven in a 40mm width from 100% polyester, it features this very attractive multi coloured stripe in shades of pinks and purples that runs along the length of one side of this bright and colourful ribbon. Each reel comes with a generous 20m of ribbon on it which we are clearing out for the margin price of only £3.50 a reel !

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