25mm Fairy Ribbon

25mm Fairy Ribbon

25mm Fairy Ribbon In Various Lengths - Great Kids Party Ribbon

This is a new ribbon from UK spinner Berisfords Ribbons, made in Congleton from 100% recycled polyester yarn this ribbon is a satin style base. It features this great magical fairy themed print which runs the full length of one side of this white ribbon .

As you would expect from a high quality ribbon this design can be machine washed, ironed and dry cleaned, although we recommend consulting the care instructions first.

We are offering this great children's themed ribbon in different lengths starting at just 5m and including 10m, 15m & 20m reel sizes. To help reduce postage cost for you we will supply 5m & 10m lengths off the reel in hanks whilst 15m & 20m will be on a reel.

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