Random Glitter Sheer Ribbon Col: Pink

Random Glitter Sheer Ribbon col: Pink this attractive sheer ribbon with a glitter finish looks fab and comes in a great range of widths all of which are shown here. Simply select the required width from the list. if you have any questions with regards this or any other ribbon please feel free to contact us at any time on 01691 780416.
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Random Glitter Ribbon Art 42802

Col: Pink

This attractive Glitter ribbon my Berisfords ribbons really makes an impact, available in 10 stricking colours, this listing is for the Pink Colour shown in the attached image, the base ribbon is a wired sheer, which has then been sprinkled with complementing coloured glitters to give the ribbon a great sparkling effect.

The fact that the ribbon is wired means that it will hold what ever shapre it is twisted into , which makes it a great choice for decorative work or crafting.

The ribbon is 15mm wide and comes with 20 meters wound on to each reel.

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