100mm Personalised Printed Ribbon

100mm Personalised Printed Ribbon 

100mm Printed ribbon is a great way to promote your brand, make a personalised banner or a sash.

We print ribbons for a massive range of occasion's from as little as 10m.

The 100mm wide ribbon has been popular for store opening, sash work and event decorations to mention just a few of the uses.

If you are having ribbons printed for sash's let us know in the comments section and tell us if roughly how long you would like each sash. We can then make sure that we print your text with the correct spacing for when you cut the ribbon.

This style of small order run printing is for packaging and promotional use, as a result these prints are NOT washable, if you require a washable print please view our washable Print listings in this section.

Some people imagine it's complicated to order yet it's so easy to design and order and only takes a few minutes to do, it's as easy as 1, 2, 3 ...  see the easy to follow steps below.


Select the number of metres of ribbon that you would like to order.


Simply select the ribbon colour that you would like from our standard colour chart - You can see a large version of it in the panel above.


Select the print colour you would like your design in - Shade card is available in the images above.


Tell us what you would like printed by typing it in the text field box below or e mail us your art work you can send this to adrian@simplyribbons.com


Let us know any special requests or instructions. i.e what font you might like, the spacing you would like between design repeats and any clip art you might like to add.

It is as easy as that. Once we have your order we will check it to make sure we have all the required information, if anything is unclear then we will contact you to discuss it with you.


Since this is a personalised product, we ask that you allow use 7 days to carry out the design work and printing, we aim to discpatch your ribbons as quickly as posible and we may be able to send your ribbons in just a couple of days, however at busy times it will take us a week to make and dispatch your order. If your order is urgent we ask you contact us to discuss your requirements and we will try to accommerdate your time scales.


If you are e mailing a logo or image over that you would like printed then we can accept these in nearly any formate, popular ones are:  Jpeg, PDF, PNG, AI, Photoshop. If you are in any doubt just give us a call on 01691780416 or e mail adrian@simplyribbons.com

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