Zig-Zag Ribbon in Green 10mm x 20m (Col 14640)

A 10mm wide bright taffeta ribbon which features a colourful zig-zag design in green, yellow, pink and white.  The ribbon is sold as standard on a 20m long reel.

\This ribbon is being discontinued and as a result we are clearing the last of our stock of this design for only £1 per reel while stocks last.

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Product Description

This 10mm wide vibrant taffeta ribbon features a zig-zag design in pink, yellow, green and white.  This design runs along the topside of the ribbon's 20m length. 

This is a lightweight, colourful ribbon that would compliment any craft project or gift.  This design is also available in a narrower 6mm width as well as in an alternative purple variation.  

We have limited stock of this ribbon and as a result, we are selling it at an attractively discounted price, while our stocks last!

If you have any questions regarding this ribbon or any of our other products, please call us anytime on 01691 780416

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