Rust Sheer Ribbons 7mm x 25m By Berisfords Ribbons col: 55

Rust 7mm x 25m Super Sheer Ribbon By Berisfords Ribbons, Article 4268. 

This is a high quality sheer ribbon, with a great soft feel to it.  We are selling this ribbon at an amazing price of only £1.00 per reel. To ensure everyone has a fair chance of benefiting from this special offer, we are having to limit each order to a maximum of 5 reels per order.

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4268 7 980 25-05

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Rust 7mm x 25m Super Sheer Ribbon By Berisfords Ribbons

Article 4268

Important note - This colour is being discontinued by Berisfords Ribbons, this is only available whilst stocks last.

This ribbon is currently on special offer at only £1.00 per reel.

It is a high quality sheer ribbon that has a very nice luster and shine to it. The ribbon comes woven in a 7mm width and is finished with a woven edge, each reel holds 25m of ribbon.

This ribbon is manufactured from 100% polyester and has a soft handle to it, unlike many other sheers that can be a lot stiffer.  As you would expect from Berisfords, this ribbon is fully machine washable and can also be ironed and tumble dried (Always follow the care instructions on the label).

If you have any questions in respect of this sheer ribbon or any of our other products, then please feel free to contact us anytime on 01691 780416.

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