Red & Gold Festive Garland

Red & Gold Garland This garland kit holds all you need to make this attractive 2m long festive red and gold design including easy to follow instructions and all the required ribbons. If you have any questions then please feel free to contact us at any time on 01691 780416 and we will 0only be to pleased to help.
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festive red and gold garland

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Red & Gold 2m Festive Garland Our garland kits have proved popular over the last few years, as a result we are constantly developing them and adding new designs to the ranges, all of which are developed by our own staff. This new kit holds all you need tori make this attractive 2m long Festive themed garland in rich reds and golds. The instructions are easy to follow and if you have an y problems then we are only a phone call away and ready to help.

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