Luxury Christmas Large Wreath With Velvet & Tartan Plus Light Up Snowman Wooden Embellishment

A Large Luxury Christmas Heart Shaped Ribbon Wreath Kit With Light Up snowman.

This kit holds all you need to complete this festive ribbon wreath and features all the colours shown in the photo. The kit comprises of full instructions, ribbons, wreath frame and hanging light up wooden Rudolph. Being a high end kit the ribbons included feature, Velvets, Sheers, Hessian, Woven Tartan and Taffeta to give a Wonderfull textural look. If you have any questions then please feel free to contact us at anytime on 01691 780416.

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Luxury Large Christmas Wreath

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Large Luxury Christmas Ribbon Wreath

After a lot of requests we decided to launch a high end Ribbon Wreath Kit featuring high quality textural ribbons. To this end this is the first of the large heart kits to be launched and as the image shows features burgundy, pinks and greens together with wove Tartan ribbon and Velvets.

This wreath is further enhansed with a light up Wooden snowman embelishment in the middle of it. We think this adds a great festive touch. After Christmas you can remove this and have a lovely wreath still. 

To give this a more textural look we have included Velvet Ribbon as well as Sheer, Taffeta and Tartan with some Hessian thrown in for good measure. We think that the end result is quite stunning but then we would, we will let you be the final judge. We have kept the colours traditionally festive.

The kit comes with all the ribbons required together with circular frame and full instructions, the only additional item that you will need will be some sharpe scissors. These kits are easy to make and very enjoyable to do with the average kit taking around 2 hours to complete.

`However if you have any questions at anytime we are always only to happy to help and can be reached on 01691 780416.


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