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Gingham Ribbons

Gingham Ribbons

Gingham Ribbons

In this section we have grouped together all our woven gingham ribbons from the ribbon collections this is a large number of ribbons and is still an ever expanding section. 

In the sub sections below we have listed the various types of Gingham Ribbon that we currently have in stock, these include Rustic, Large Check, Natural Look and Gathered to name but a few all of these are made by Berisfords Ribbons and are made in the UK to a high standard.

If you have any trouble finding the product that you are looking or or need any further information then please feel free to contact us at any time on 01691780416 

Gingham Ribbons Article 7391 Gingham Ribbons Article 7391
Rustic Gingham Ribbons Rustic Gingham Ribbon
Natural Look Gingham Ribbon Natural Look Gingham Ribbon
Gathered Gingham Ribbon Gathered Gingham Ribbon
Large Check Gingham Ribbons Large Check Gingham Ribbons

Simply Ribbons Range Of Gingham Ribbons

At simply ribbons we hold stock of high quality ribbons in a range of options across all designs, this includes Gingham Ribbons. To this end we have selected a number of Gingham ribbon ranges by Berisfords Ribbons which we feel offer the highest quality at the best value for money, these are all made in the UK from 100% polyester and as a result can be machine washed, tumble dried ( with the exception of ruffled gingham) and ironed although we recommend that you always consult the care instructions on the label first. 

The above icons provide links through to the relevant ribbon designs these all offer a slightly different look although they are all versions of the gingham design and are woven rather then printed.

Gingham Ribbon Article 7391

This range of Gingham Ribbon is a traditional design gingham and is offered in 5 different widths these being 5mm, 10mm, 15mm, 25mm, 40mm and of which are available in 18 different shades. The ribbon is finished with a woven edge and comes with 20m of ribbon on a reel, however they are also available on larger 100m bulk reels which we have also listed in these sections. 

Large Check Gingham Ribbon Article 1141

Another popular range again which is made and woven in the UK by Berisfords Ribbons, this range offers a much bolder larger check design then the traditional gingham and has proved popular for use with packaging and promotional work due to its striking design. Woven from 100% polyester this product benefits from a woven edge and comes in a choice of three popular widths these being 7mm 15mm and 25mm all of which come with 20m of ribbon on a reel. Unfortunately there is no bulk reel option for this design.

Gingham Ruffle Ribbon Article 43995

Made by Berisfords Ribbons this range is available in just one width this being 12mm , it comes in a choice of ten colour options and is unusual in so far as the ribbon can be gathered to form a very attractive look by pulling the gingham  ribbon through the slots in the ribbon to create a ruffle finish. ideal for craft work or enhancing a products display.

Rustic Gingham Ribbon Article 1377

Finished with a rustic look to the ribbon by a clever use of colour this gingham ribbon has a natural vintage look to it, this seems to be created by using a slightly off white background colour instead of the normal optic white shade used on the background of the traditional gingham designs. This ribbon is woven in the UK by Berisfords Ribbons and comes in a choice of three widths 7mm, 15mm & 25mm width 20m of ribbon on a reel, However it is also available on a popular small retail sized reel, these hold between 5m and 3m of ribbon on them depending on the width of ribbon and are also listed in this section of the site. Like the other gingham ribbons in the range these are woven from 100%  polyester and as a result are machine washable. This style of ribbons has proved popular with florists, crafts and also to enhance packaging.