Fuchsia Metallic Deco Mesh 63mm x 10m

Fuchsia Deco Mesh

Great for craft and floral uses, this metallic poly mesh ribbon in Fuchsia, has great clarity of colour and holds its shape well when looped. Woven on a 63mm wide x 10m long reel this product is a must have accessory! 

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Metallic Deco Mesh In Fuchsia on Fuchia

This very attrictive, Fuchsia metallic deco mesh ribbon from Oaktree, comes woven on a 63mm wide x 10m long reel.

It has a purple lurex style thread woven through it giving the mesh an added sparkle as the light hits it.

Being a poly plastic material the mesh has a slight resistance, therefore it can be used to form loops that hold there shape well, without the need for added support. This makes the product ideal for craft and floral applications. We have recently used the black and gold to decorate some halloween wreaths with great effect!

Should you have any queries with regards to this product or any of other products then please feel free to contact us on 01691 780416.

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