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Double Satin Ribbon - Premium Range
Double Satin Ribbon - Mid Range 56 shades

Double Satin Ribbon - Mid Range 56 shades

Double Satin Ribbon By Shindo Ribbons

Article 12100

In this section we have listed the widths that we stock in this mid range Double Satin Ribbon manufactured by Shindo Ribbons. There are some 54 Shades available in this satin ribbon which comes in six different width options all of which you will find below. Please note that these reels hold 25 meters of ribbon, with the exception of the 3mm and the 6mm widths both of which come with 50 meters of ribbon on each reel. 

Please Note:This Double Satin ribbon does not best show its self off on the shade card, for this reason we have wound a small section of each colour on to a wooden bobbin and have photographed it to display the colour off to its best appearance. However please not that the reels of ribbon when ordered will be supplied on plastic reels rather then the wooden spools shown in the images below.
If you need any assistance then please feel free to contact us at any time on 01691 780416.

3mm x 50m Double Satin Ribbon 3mm x 50m Double Satin Ribbon
6mm x 50m Double Satin Ribbon 6mm x 50m Double Satin Ribbon
10mm x 25m Double Satin Ribbon 10mm x 25m Double Satin Ribbon
15mm x 25m Double Satin Ribbon 15mm x 25m Double Satin Ribbon
25mm x 25mm Double Satin Ribbon 25mm x 25m Double Satin Ribbon
28mm x 25m Double Satin Ribbon 38mm x 25m Double Satin Ribbon

Mid Range Satin Ribbon Buying Guide

We try to offer our customers as much information as we can about the ribbon ranges that we stock, the product listings contain a basic over view of the ribbon in question but obviously do not compare range against range. We have therefore tried to introduce some further back ground details about the various ribbon ranges at the foot of each of the product sections.

Above you will have seen our Mid Range Double Satin Ribbon product, as mentioned these are manufactured by the Japanese Ribbon company Shindo and are made in the Far East. With three manufacturing centres across China and Japan they produce a wide range of high quality ribbons across the whole spectrum from simple stain's through to complex ribbon weaves for use in haute couture and prêt-à-porter designs.

We feel that the Satin Ribbon product shown in the section here offers a nice range of colours and is finished with a consistent woven edging. The ribbon has a soft handle to it and a great clarity of colour. The colour seems fairly consistent across the range and does not seem to alter much these days between deliveries and dye batches. Made from 100% polyester the ribbon is a great product for wide range of applications. As standard this comes on a 50m reel format for both the 3mm and 6mm widths whilst the 10mm, 15mm 25mm and 38mm all come with 25m of ribbon on each reel.

The ribbon does not have the breadth of colours or widths that the Berisfords Ribbons Satin Ribbon Range has, it also does not carry care instructions on the label whilst the Berisfords product does. We have carried out our own tests on the Shindo ribbon and finds it washes well, however due to these limitations we have to promote the Berisfords Satin Ribbon over the Berisfords as our premium satin ribbon of choice.

However when all said and done, the Shindo Satin Ribbon does offer outstanding value for money, it is a high quality satin ribbon at a budget price and is very popular with a lot of our, craft, promotional, packing and gift company's. If you are looking for a ribbon with great colour a soft handle and don't need it in above a 38mm width then this range is well worth looking at.

For further information or advise then please feel free to contact us at any time on 01691 780416.


Green Double Satin Ribbon Bow By Shindo Ribbons

Shindo Double Satin Ribbon Bow & Boarder

We have posted an image here using Shindo Double Satin Ribbon in a 25mm width in shade 37 Meadow Green. This helps shows how well this ribbon ties and the crispness and clarity of the colour.
This ribbon has been used as a base with pink Taffeta 'Lets Party' ribbon tied over the top of it and a double bow finished in Barley twist Cord. Using the bright Satin Ribbon as a base accent helps lift the Lets party Ribbon and gives a fantastic over all effect.
In this case we have also tied a bright pink decoration to it in order to give the parcel an alternative Christmas Theme, which in our option works quite well. This is just an example of how well the Shindo Double Satin Ribbon works for packaging.