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Deckchair Stripe Ribbon

Deckchair Stripe Ribbon

Deckchair Stripe Ribbon By Berisfords Ribbons

Article 60002 

Here we have listed all the traditional deckchair stripe ribbons that we currently stock, these are all made in the UK by Berisfrods Ribbons and come in a 10mm width and in a choice of 10 attractive shades all of which are shown here.

This ribbon has the benefit of coming in two different reel sizes, these being 20m and 4m we have listed both sizes of reels in this section for your reference. We have also given you the option of viewing the shade card here or alternatively have also listed out all the individual products for you below so that you can view close ups of the colours in case this is of help.

All the ribbons in this section are made from 100% polyester and as a result are fully machine washable, they can also be ironed, dry cleaned and tumble dried. We always recommend that you consult the care instructions on the labels first.

If you have any questions then please feel free to contact us at any time on 01691 780416.

10mm Deckchair Ribbon 10mm x 20m Deckchair Stripe Ribbon
10mm Deckchair stripe ribbon 10mm x 4m Deckchair Stripe Ribbon