Curls Christmas Ribbon 40mm x 20m - Copper and Gold

Curls Christmas Ribbon 40mm x 20m Copper and Gold

A lovely high quality sheer and satin combination in bridal white and gold with a swirl print running the length of one side of the ribbon. This ribbon also has a mono filament in the edges meaning that it will bow well. Ideal for packaging and decorative work.

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Curls Christmas Ribbon 40mm x 20m

This is a lovely Christmas ribbon in our option, woven in a 40mm width by Swiss manufacturers Kuny Ribbons, each reel holds a generous 20m of ribbon. The ribbon has a sheer band running down both sides and a satin ribbon centre featuring a swirl print in Gold which runs the length of one side of this quality ribbon.

The ribbon also benefits from having a mono filament edging which means that it holds its shape well when bowed or tied making this ribbon ideal for packaging and decorative works. This edging is also finished in gold which works well with the decorative print and makes the whole ribbon quite striking. .

We have a limited stock of this ribbon and are selling this for only £5.00 a reel whilst stocks last. if you have any questions with regards this or any other ribbon then please feel free to contact us at any time on 01691 780416.

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