Why Is 'Colour Of The Year' Important

Colours trend and change on a regular basis and have a massive influence on our day to day lives. With many firms looking to try and second guess what shades are going to be popular. With many manufacturers having to work months a head on new collections before they hit the market place getting the colour choice right is critical.

To this end Pantone along with there Colour Institute work constantly with designer and companies and look at the trending shades. Each year Pantone announce their colour of the year, this is a colour which they feel reflects the direction that design is taking for the coming year.

GREENERY 2017s Colour Of The Year

Last years colour was Greenery, a shade which we saw being developed and taken up by many of our high street store groups with a number of stores using elements of this colour in there Christmas decorations.

One of our leading ribbon manufacturers Berisfords Ribbons had shades such as Bocage in their velvet range and satin ranges that where close to this colour and as a result provide popular. Whilst this shade was popular on the high street we also saw it move in to our wedding sector with many brides and wedding organisers specifying green shades for wedding ribbons, with silk ribbon and velvet ribbon this shade being some of our most popular for wedding work.

green silk ribbon

(Green silk used on wedding invitation)

Ultra Violet 2018 Colour Of The Year

2018 see's Pantone announce Ultra Violet as the colour of the year for 2018.

So will Ultra-Violet make an impact on our wedding ribbon offering for this year, well the simple answer is yes we feel that this attractive shade will start making an impact on the ribbon wedding scene this year. It has already made an appearance in wedding outfits with a range of bridesmaids dressing in Ultra Violet being offered by companies such as dessy.com.

Again Berisfords Ribbons already have a number of shades in both their velvet ribbon and their high quality satin ribbon ranges that are close to this Ultra-Violet shade 2096C, a shade which is a lovely Purple based hue airing on the blue side.

Berisfords Purple Ribbons

( Berisfords Purple Satin & Kuny's Violet Curling Ribbon)

At Simply Ribbons we must say that we liked the Greenery , 2017 colour of the year but we love the 2018 Ultra Violet this is a lovely shade which surprisingly works very well in a large number of applications.

We will be interested to see how this colour is used in products and advertising as the year progresses. If you use ribbon in this colour in your projects and events over this year we would love to see your photo's of these and hear your thoughts.