As the New Year passes and January make way for Feb we are normally inundated with all the new ribbon ranges for the forth coming Christmas Season !

So this year it was a welcome surprise to receive some ribbon ranges that were not Christmas themed but that were just out standing in our option.

The first of these was this great series of animal themed printed double faced satin ribbons from Berisfords Ribbons. These are all made in Congleton in the UK and come woven in a 25mm width with a generous 20m of ribbon on each reel.

The range is made up of six fun animal prints together with the noise that the animal makes written on the ribbon, so the Dog goes woof and the sheep goes baar the duck goes quack and the pig goes oink are all very contemporary but in a way take me personally back to my childhood and reminder me of animal themed flash cards in Primary School!

dog themed ribbon pig themed ribbon  sheep themed ribboncat themed ribbon cow themed ribbon

Above are five of the six animal designs that are currently available, the missing one is the Duck goes Quack ribbon which we have not shown here but is currently on display on the site.

Berisfords have made these ribbons from 100% polyester and have insured that these are all machine washable at 50 degrees, they can also be ironed, tumble dried and dry cleaned although as always we recommend that you consult the care instructions on the labels first.

The colour ways that these have been produced in is a step away for the traditional colour pallet that Berisfords have been using over recent years, but these vibrant shades are very in vogue at the present time and are extremely appealing. A bold move by Berisfords but a step in the right direction we feel.

We all think these are fun and would love to see examples of how they have been used by our customers in any projects that you might do. We would also welcome your feedback on this new range that you might like to share.

If you want to see a larger version of any of the ribbon images then simply click here and you will be taken to the relevant product page.

Happy Crafting