In House Printed Ribbons

What About Full Colour Ribbon Printing ?

Again this is something that we can offer. These days the most cost effective method of colour printing is that of Sublimation ribbon printing. The system involves taking a design, printing this in colour on to a release paper and then running the ribbon base and the paper through the machine. This heats the design turning the ink to gas which permiates into the ribbon.

The heat locks the print in to the ribbon dye sites making the resulting printed ribbon machine washable and hard wearing. We can print Satin, Taffeta and Grosgrain Ribbon Bases in this way and typically run designs on 15mm, 25mm, 35mm, 40mm and 50mm widths. 

With this style of printing there is still a minimum quantity per order although this is currently only 700m which is still suprisingly affordable.

This print option takes around four days to provide a proof for sign off and a further week to produce the ribbon, although this does vary during busy times of the year.

We can also still offer more traditional Ribbon Printing options such as screen printing and foil printing, however these tend not to be as popular as they once were, due to the high quality results optioned at a cheaper rate by the other methods.

The images above show some of the print finishes that are acheivable when using the above mentioned printing methods. The image of the holly leaf on the red double satin is a design that we come up with last christmas and printed  using a traditional foil printing method. Whilst the Robin design is a Sublimation print on a Taffeta Ribbon Base and the Bee Ribbon is a screen print .

Printing ribbons, is something that we at Simply Ribbons have been involved with for many years now, however over the years this has changed dramatically and bares little resemblance to the days when you had to have deep pockets in order to be able to afford such a product and when lead times could be anything from three weeks to two months for your ribbon to be produced.

Now with changes in technology anyone can afford a bespoke ribbon, with prices starting from as little as £8 and minimum quantities as low as ten metres rather then five thousand metres!

The images oppersite show a few eamples of ribbons that we have printed for customers in only a few hours. these are all on Double Satin Ribbon Base and printed in a high resolution 300DPI.

Our only restriction on our quick turnround in house process is that currently we are limited to a single colour print. We can, and do print in full colour but this uses a different process and is subject to a slightly longer leadtime.

So What Print Options Can We Offer?

Well the answer to this question is many!

As mentioned already we offer an in house service which prints quickly on a high quality satin ribbon base, this ribbon printing can be carried out on a wide range of colours and widths. We currently offer around thirty ribbon shades and 20 ink colours.

In terms of widths, we can print on ribbons from a narrow 7mm wide up to and including a massive 100mm wide ribbon. Our minimum order for this style of printing is just 10m with no upper limit.

This type of printing uses a heat transfer process to take the resin ink off a carrying foil and fix it to the surface of the ribbon.

We offer plain inks as well as metallics which include, gold, silver red, blue and rose gold. We also offer a range of machine washable inks which are designed to produce wash care lables with.

All this style of priniting requires is that the customer sends us there artwork , company logo or messgae that they would like printed on to the ribbon. We will then design the ribbon digially, send an image of the ribbon for approval and then put the print in to production once agreed.

We have attached a short video clip opposite which shows the foil transfer print method that we use in house for fast turn around jobs on small volume printed ribbon runs.

If you would like to find out more about ribbon printing, have any questions or would like a quote then please feel free to contact us at any time on 01691 780416 or e mail