Make Your Own Ribbon Heart Wreath

Why Not Make Your Own Ribbon Heart Shaped Wreath?

This is very attractive heart shaped wreath, however you might be suprised at just how easy this project is to complete. Due to demand we have put together some kits that can be purchased that contain all you need to complete this wreath. However if you fancy making your own from scratch then we have laid out some simple instructions below to help you complete this.

You Will Need..

We have based the matterials needed on using a 12inch wire frame to make this project:

  • 12 inch Heart Shaped Wire Florist Frame.
  •  A selection of coloured ribbons - We have used six different shades, if you use six then you will need 3m of each.
  •  An imbellishment of your choice.
  • A narrow ribbon to hang the finsihed wreath with.

kit items needed 


  • Take your ribbons and using a sharp pair of scissors cut each length in to strips of approximately 15cm in length each, these do not need to exact.


  • Take the wire heart frame and start by using the outer ring and inner ring, ignore the middle ring completely. Tie each peice of ribbon to the frame alternating the colours as frequeently as you wish. If you want to be sure of your colour pattern in advance then it might be an idea to layout your ribbons first before tieing them to insure you like the colour order.


  • To fix/tie the ribbons to the frame we recommend using a cross over knot, simply place the ribbon through the frame cross the ribbon over each other and pass one end under the other, then pull to tighten. (In the same way you start when tieing your shor laces). This secures the ribbons well enought and means that you can still move them easily up and down the wire frame. If using narrow ribbons then a conventional knot will also work.


  • Slide the tied ribbons along the wire frame to butt up snuggly against each other and continue tying new pieces of ribbon on until each section of the heart frame has been suitably filled.


tying a knot knot tying cross over ribbons knot tying stage three completed knot


  • Once you have completes the tying the ribbon around both the outer and inner frame you can attach an embellishment to hang in the centre of the heart. We have used a Christmas tree heart but you can choose what ever you wish. All we have done here is to use a now ribbons and tye it to the tow of the heart frame adjusting the length of the ribbon till the ornimant is haning in the desired position.


  • To hang the frame we have used a narrow gold ribbon again tied in to a loop and attached to the frame in a larks head knot. (place the looped ribbon under the frame then pass one end of the looped ribbon through the other end to tighten.

Your ribbon wreath should now be complete and should be an attractive addition to your home or event. We would love to hear if you have found this helpful and welcome any images of your own completed projects.

Link To Our Heart Ribbon Wreath Kit

For those of you who would like to make this but would prefer to buy a kit with all the materials you need to complete it here is a link to our Kits for sale CLICK HERE