Velvet Ribbon

Velvet Ribbons - Luxury For All Occasions...

Over the years we have looked and evaluated a wide range of Velvet Ribbons, however our velvet ribbon of choice still remains that made by Berisfords Ribbons.

their high quality velvet has been made in Switzerland from 100% nylon for many years now.

The nylon pile of the ribbon has a soft indulgent finish and rich clarity of colour that helps exude style to any garment, finish or high end packaging.

With over 70 standard colours in the range and all of them available in widths ranging from the narrow 9mm up to and including the wide 50mm it makes this Berisfords Velvet suitable for a myriad of applications and projects.

As we approach the festive season we find more of our customers looking to the wide widths of velvet especially for Floral Wreath decoration, where the richness of the colour and the texture add to the luxurious appeal of the floral arrangement. With this in mind we take steps to try to insure that we hold the whole of the velvet rang in stock in all widths, but especially in the autumnal and festive shapes of copper, wine, moss and gold to mention just a few.

One of the many benefits of the Velvet Ribbon range is the fact that it comes in a choice of reel sizes. The standard reels are now 5m long and ideal for smaller projects and individual sewing and gift work.

However all the shades are also available on industrial bulk reels who's size varies depending on the ribbon widths with 9mm being supplied on 150m reels, 16mm on 100m reels, 25m m on 75m whilst 36mm and 50mm widths come with 50m on a reel. These are ideal where volume is needed and economy of scale comes in to play with the pricing of these larger reels.

Unlike a number of other velvet ribbons this one has the additional benefit of being machine washable, it can also be ironed and dry cleaned which means its applications go further still and are more than suitable for clothing and sewing projects.

You can find our range of Velvet ribbons at CLICK HERE TO VIEW VELEVT RANGE.

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