Special Offer Ribbons Are Here Again...

At simply Ribbons we have always belived in trying to offer our customer the best experiance and value for money that we can.

This has been reflected in everything from our very loaction to our working relationships with our spinners.

Since our main UK manufacturer Berisfords Ribbons are making some changes to there product ranges this year, we have decided to offer all customers the chance to purchase items from some of last year ranges with up to 70% Off our normal retail prices.

We have been working hard over the last few weeks, sorting through warehouse stocks to come up with a sizeable and attractive offering of Ribbons by Berisfords Ribbons. This now totals around 200,000m of ribbon or 10,000 reels!

To put this in to perspective this is around five full pallets of ribbon!

The image to the left shows some of our Berisfords Specal offers on a couple of the shelfs in the warehouse.

Just A Few Examples.

The above represents just four examples of ribbons that are currently in our Berisfords Special Offer Section. There are a wide varity of widths, colours and designs with prices from only £1 per reel .Our most expensive ribbons have been reduced from £13.00 per reel down to ONLY £5.50 this give you an idea of the savings available on these UK manufasctured premium ribbons.

Below is an image of the current sale stock being sorted in the warehouse by the team.