We have just taken delivery of these fun New Ribbons by Berisfords Ribbons Congleton. They form part of the popular Natural Charms Range which was launched just over a year ago. Originally developed to address the demand for a UK manufactured range to compete with the imported gift ware ribbon sector Berisfords have continued to develop this theme and have keep the interest fresh by introducing new and exciting styles during the changing seasons. They have also been as good as there word and have reviewed the sales of these ranges and give due notice on any styles that they have planned to discontinue.

Since its introduction back in 2012 the Natural Charms range of Ribbons By Berisfords Ribbons have proved to be there best selling range ever produced!

As mentioned by introducing new designs often and reacting quickly to customer feedback they have been able to reflect on the mood of a nation and have created designs that are on trend and ahead of many of the competition.

In addition and in keeping with current mood Berisfords have made sure that production of this successful range of ribbons has been 100% Bristish made !

This range of ribbons differs from the normal ribbon ranges manufactured by them in a number of ways. However the main change is he fact that these ribbons are available in a choice of different reel sizes. Traditionally all the reels have been made up with 20 meters of ribbon on each reel, however with the Natural Charms Range of Ribbons there is a choice of a 4m reel for the 15mm width and a 5m reel for the 7mm width these take the form of a wooden look cardboard reel which are very sturdy and designed as an attractive point of sale reel on its own. However they have been sensible in there approach and are also offering the larger 20m plastic reel still which is ideal for a lot of customers who still require these highly styled ribbons in longer lengths.

As the images above suggest the Denim Ribbons come in a choice of two widths these are 7mm and 15mm wide and are then available in a nice small colour range, again we have highlighted all of these in the attached images but to recap these colours are:

Dark Denim – Red – Pale Pink – Pale Blue

All of the ribbons feature a white running stitch that runs the length of the ribbon on both sides of the product. This stitch feature is an actual stitching through the ribbon rather then a printed look a like stitch like many other manufactures favour.

The article code for this product is 60001 for the 20m reels and C60001 for the smaller cardboard reels. These reels do now appear on our store and can be found by under the shop by material tab - Denim

If you would like any further information about this product or its background them please feel free to contact us at anytime.

Below are a couple of close ups of the denim look ribbons in Denim and Red colour ways;