Here's a great idea for enhancing the plainest of objects and changing them to become an attractive focal point to suite the time of year. In the example we used here we have themed for Christmas. But by changing and using a different selection of colours you could theme these candles for any of the seasons.

As shown in the two images we have taken a large white Church candle and have wrapped a length of 68mm gold edged sheer in burgundy from our sale section around the middle of the candle. This has then been fixed in place with the addition of two dressmaking pins which push easily in to the wax of the candle.

To then give the candle a more elegant appearance we have taken an off cut of 16mm wide Velvet ribbon in a similar shade to the Sheer ribbon and have placed this around the centre of the sheer ribbon. Rather then bowing this we have pinned the length of velvet to the candle to form a band.

The bow has then been tied separately with the use of a bow maker and then has been pined in the centre of the velvet band to create the overall effect. This adds some contrasting textures and depth to the candle which we feel works well, we hope you agree and like this.