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New Just In ... New Just In ...

100mm Wide Satin Ribbon Now

100mm x 50m only £26.78

New Colour - Coral In
Double Satin
By Berisfords

Available In All Widths !

Wedding Ribbons Now In Stock
New for the 2015 season...

15mm x 20m Available
only £10.50

15mm x 25m Anniversary Ribbon
By Berisfords Only £10.50!

By Berisfords Ribbons

Available in a choice of 10 shades
15mm x 20m 

New Flo Colours In Grosgrain 
Ribbons In All Widths

Christmas Ribbon Ribbon
15mm x 20m Only £10.50

Happy Christmas With Metallic Edge
Also Available In Red & Cream

Holly Ribbon By Shindo Ribbons
40mm x 20m Only £8.55

6mm Bronze Lame on 50m Reels
By Shindo Only £4.99

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New Just In... New Just in...

NEW Colours Added To 2014 Ranges

New Wooden Ribbon Stands Available Both Full & 
Empty Call Us For more information 01691 780416

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Welcome to Simply Ribbons

The Home Of High Quality Ribbons At Great Prices

Our aim at Simply Ribbons is to bring you high quality ribbons from the leading UK & European manufacturers at great prices. We currently have over 40,000 reels of ribbon in stock, with prices starting from as low as £1.50 per reel!

With thousands of reels always in stock in classic styles such as; Satin Ribbons, Grosgrain Ribbons, Gingham Ribbons, Sheers, Tartans and many, many more we are sure that you will find something that meets your needs. No order is to small and we can supply from as little as one reel. Were are happy to ship to any where in the world for you.

We can also accommodate requests for ribbons to be pre cut in to specified lengths, printed ribbons and hand made bows, just call us for more information on 01691 780416.

Why not take a few minutes and browse through the sections below which show our popular lines and special offers. If you need something in a hurry or have not got time to look then just call our team on 01691 780416 and we will be only to pleased to help.


A Little About Us

As mention above our aim is to bring high quality ribbons to the public at trade prices. To do this we carry large stocks of ribbons from various market leading firm including Berisfords Ribbons, Shindo Ribbons, Presant ,Kuny Ribbons and others. At any one time our stock holding exceeds 40,000 reels.

We can archive our aim as we buy in our ribbons in large bulk deliveries, we are also located away from the High Street and expensive Industrial Estates which means that we can operate with much lower costs. As a result we can pass the generated savings on to our customers by way of a more competitively priced ribbon offering, while still maintaining high service standards and quality products that our customers have come to expect from us.

At Simply Ribbons we pride ourselves on holding a large stock of the following core Ribbons: Satin Ribbons ranges , Grosgrain Ribbon, Tartan, Sheer, Gingham and Velvet Ribbons. On most ribbon products we can offer industrial sized reels in addition to the normal retail sized make up. If you cant see the exact product that you require, or you do in fact require a larger reel then please call our customer services team who will be only to pleased to assist you in any way that they can. The Ribbon teams number is 01691 780416 alternatively they can be e mailed at sales@simplyribbons.com

Simply Ribbons can also offer you a Next Day Delivery Service on most of our ribbon ranges as well as free delivery on orders over £125. Why note take a few minutes and browse around. If you cant see the item that your looking for then please feel free to call us at anytime on 01691 780416.

For more detailed information about us simply click on the about us link, located on the grey header section under the orange tabs at the top of the page.

Ribbon types

Some times it can be difficult to know which ribbon type you require, the names can be confusing and change over years, for example we are quite often asked what is the difference between Petersham and Grosgrain ?
In response to this we are in the process of setting up a questions and answers page on the site, this can be found at top of the page under the main orange tabs.
Here you will find answers not only to general questions like how long will my order take to arrive?
But you will also find an explanation as to the main types of ribbon such as Satin Ribbons, Grosgrain Ribbon Types, Petersham, Taffeta and Rustic Taffeta Ribbons plus many others.
This is an ever developing page so please feel free to let us know your idea's on additions that you would like to see to this page. We can be e mailed at: sales@simplyribbons.com

We are in the process of updating the layout of the site at the moment, the first changes have taken effect and you will notice these in the Satin Ribbon sections, here you will find that we have broken out the various widths as separate products in there own right. This is in response to a number of requests that we have received and we hope that it will help make your purchasing process a lot easier.

Over the coming weeks we will be making similar changes to a number of the larger product sections such as Gingham Ribbons, Grosgrain Ribbons and Sale Ribbons. If as a result of these changes you have any difficulty finding the products that you are looking for then please feel free to contact us at anytime on 01691 780416 and we will be only to pleased to help.

New Feedback Feature - We are keen to here your thoughts on the products that we supply as they help us to look at areas where we need to introduce new products and items that we might want to look at developing further. In brief it gives us an in sight to your thoughts on our various ribbon ranges which enables us to develop a strategy going forward. With this in mind we have now introduced a new feature at the bottom all of the ribbon product pages that enables our customer to leave feedback about the product and to rate it out of a maximum of five stars.

Description Of Ribbon Types

In the following section we have tried to give a basic description of the main types of ribbon and there suggested uses. We hope that this information is of help as a rough guide. However if you are still unsure as to the type of ribbon that you require then please as always feel free to contact us at simply ribbons on 01691 780416 and we will be only to pleased to assist you in any way that we can.

Satin Ribbons

This ribbon is probably one of the biggest selling ribbon styles. As the name suggest the Satin Ribbon has a smooth high luster finish to it. The ribbon does still come in two types of finish. The first and these days the most popular with our customers is the Double Faced Satin Ribbon, as the name suggest this ribbon has a satin finish on both side meaning that they both appear glossy and smooth.

The second less common type is the Single Satin Ribbon. Whilst one face of the ribbon is smooth and glossy the reverse side of the ribbon is textured and has more of a matt appearance to it. This Single faced Satin Ribbon use to be the more popular of the two as it was a lot cheaper however with improved manufacturing the price of the Double Faced Ribbon has come down to the point where by it is the Satin Ribbon of choice for many people.

Satin Ribbon is very versatile, it can be printed on, it bows well and the better quality Satins can be washed, tumble dried and ironed as a result they are widely used in garment manufacture.

We supply three different grades of Satin Ribbon.

Premium Double Satin

Our premium satin ribbon is a UK manufactured ribbon, this is made to a high standard and as a result offers a consistence of colour, it can be washed and dry cleaned and has a high luster appearance. This product meets the highest levels of testing and as a result is very popular for a very wide range of uses including cake decorating, clothes making, promotional work, store window design. 

Mid Range Double Satin

This Double Satin is slightly lighter in terms of the weight of the ribbon when compared with the premium range, however it offers a good basic colour range with a great clarity to the colour. it is widely used for promotional work, Wedding invitations and general arts and crafts.

Budget Double Satin

 A Cheap double satin ribbon from the far east, this comes in a good range of colours but does not have the range of widths that the other two type offer, also as a result of being imported we cant guarantee consistence of colour supply on this product. However if you need a cheap satin for packaging work then this ribbon is ideal .
it you have any questions with regards to Double Satin Ribbons or need any further information with regards the Satin Ribbon ranges that we stock then please feel free to contact us at anytime.

Grosgrain Ribbon

This is a very distinctive style of ribbon and as a result can be very easily identified. The Grosgrain Ribbon to all intent and purpose looks like it has been ribbed. This effect runs along the whole length of the ribbon, this is made as a result of the weft being heavy then the warp when the ribbon is woven the net result is the formation of the cords along the ribbon. This style of ribbon is quite old, it use to be made from natural fibers and was only available in Black or White however todays Grosgrain Ribbon is manufactured using Polyester and comes in a rainbow of shades.

Using polyester means that the ribbon is extremely strong, not only is it durable but it can be washed, folded, stitched and heat sealed. As a result of this , the Grosgrain ribbon has become very popular. Today you will see this ribbon used on the hems of Polo shirts, sports clothing, furniture, quilts and many other garments as well as used for bow making, packaging, gift ware and promotional use.

The polyester fiber means that this ribbon can be offered in a wide range of colours, these all have a slightly matt finish to them rather then the high shine finish of a Satin ribbon. This colour appearance in its self is just one of the many reason that many people choose this style of ribbon over other available.

Grosgrain ribbon can be seen on the market place in many variants, there are quite a few companies making this product to different standards, the main difference is in the thickness of the grosgrain. At simply ribbons we only stock Berisfords Grosgrain as we feel that this is a good high quality grosgrain ribbon it handles well and offers a consistence of colour.

We along with many of other companies today also hold this product with a print effect on it. Grosgrain Ribbon looks very attractive when coupled with a polka dot print or a logo theme running along the length of the ribbon. As a direct result of this pleasing effect this style of printed ribbons have become very fashionable. To meet this demand Berisfords Ribbons have launched a completely new collection based on this look. They have called this Natural Charms. We have been impressed with this range and as a result have added it to our product offering you can find this range listed at the top of the page in the orange tabs.

Grosgrain is an extremely durable and flexible ribbon as a result it forms part of our core offering and is something that we always keep in stock ,If you need any further advise or help with regards to Grosgrain ribbons then please feel free to contact us at anytime. 

Sheer Ribbons

Currently the Sheer Ribbon has to be the third biggest selling ribbon style for us at Simply Ribbons. The look of the ribbon is very simple as it comprises of a loosely weaved sheer fabric surface, as a result of the lighter weave the ribbon takes on a slightly translucent appearance which makes it very light, and slightly see through , this is a distinct look and feel to this type of ribbon.
This product comes in a number of different qualities of Nylon as a result the handle and look of the ribbon can change quite dramatically from supplier to supplier, with some ribbons having a very soft feel to them, whilst others have a slightly coarser handle to the ribbon.
This product looks very attractive especially in the pastel shades and as a result we find the the ribbon is now becoming the ribbon of choice with a lot of Wedding Card manufacturers.
As standard we hold stock on two different qualities of this Ribbon, the first is our premium Sheer Ribbon Range which comes From Berisfords Ribbons and is a lighter weight yarn with a very soft feel to the ribbon. We can now also offer the same Sheer ribbon from Berisfords Ribbons but with the added benefit of having a lightly wired edge running along both edges of the fabric ribbon, this gives the ribbon a slight amount of stiffness which allows it to be twisted and molded to the desired shape.
At the budget end of the range we can now offer a slightly stiffer Sheer Ribbon from Shindo Ribbons this range comes in a more limited range of widths which include a 15mm and a 25mm. Since this nylon is slightly thicker it is more attractive to our crafting clients who tell us that this type of ribbon is better to use as it does not flop and holds its shape well.

What ever the style colour or width of Sheer Ribbon you need feel free to contact us at anytime for advise and we will do all that we can to help. Tel: 01691 780416

Images used on this site are reproduced by the kind permission of Berisfords Ribbons and H.C Habby Ltd, the copy right 2012 for these images remains the property of the respective companies and images may not be reproduced without express permission. Simply Ribbons is a trading style of H.C Habby Ltd.

Colour Images
Please note, whilst every effort is made to duplicate colours as accurately as possible, please bear in mind that these may appear differently depending on the type of hardware, software and settings being used to view these with. if you require help with colour matching please feel free to contact us at anytime on 01691 780416.

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